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About me
As a child of “garmento” many childhood memories include rolling racks, poly bags, and shiny (itchy) lurex samples. Seeing the myriad of textiles, prototypes and all their appliqué seemed a magical way to connect not only to my father, but the world of possibilities with my imagination and color. Contrasting the textures, qualities by sight and feel are still my process when formulating their next journey, whether the journey be to pair a trim/finish/size to coordinate for a client or to purchase for my own personal delight. Later, in my academic career when I was studying sociology and later still, in my travels I use the same formula to distinguish the differences and sameness of many concrete materials, even people by the visual elements within the scene, landscape or frame. I take in how the elements of color or texture bounce off, or work within a frame. Even more broadly work within a larger more complex story about the person, place or thing. The difference is now I appreciate the technical execution of various mediums along with the visual dis- play, which gives a whole other level of complexity and depth to the narrative.