Our Approach



Today at Kzen we take in how elements of color and  texture interact within a frame or swatch or style. Even more broadly we apply the dyad of elements within a larger more complex story about the person, place or brand.


Our Story

We want to level the playing field, an offer a seat at the table for everyone.

Meet the Team

Our goal is to provide supportive, comprehensive services with an eye toward aesthetic and quality .  At Zen we combine sound experience with  sound technical practices and innovative, technical ingenuity to elevate you and your brand.

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Kim Livne

Founder & CEO

Kim has an eye for detail and the bigger picture for how to position brands within the context of their objectives, budget and story they want to tell.

Shelley Mays

Vice President

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Shelly brings energy, enthusiasm and experience to K Zen, merchandizing clients with tailor-made accuracy and excellence .

Next Steps...

Let's see how we can best support your business needs.  Send us a line.

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